Termite Control in Katy, Houston and Sugar Land, TX

It is said that there are two types of homes in Texas... those that have termites and those that will. If you think your home might have termites, Frontier Exterminating is here to help! Our experts can recommend the best termite control plan for your home.

Did you know that termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses each year, and that damage is not covered by insurance? Most termite damage goes unnoticed until major repairs are needed.

Frontier Exterminating Co. offers various types of termite treatment solutions to fit your needs. Our Liquid Defense termite treatment features the top liquid termite chemical available in the industry and our Termite Baiting System uses the most effective termite bait available. We also offer preventive termite treatments as well as eradicating existing infestations.

Our termite inspectors are trained to locate termites in all types of structures and then recommend the treatment that is best for you. If termites somehow return in a treated area after your treatment, we will come back to retreat the problem at no additional charge for as long as your agreement is renewed.

Termite Treatments

To control these unwanted pests, we provide an effective treatment plan, which may include:

•Liquid Defense Termite Treatment - a continuous chemical barrier is created around the exterior of your home or building to keep subterranean termites from entering the structure.

•Termite Baiting System - bait stations are installed around the perimeter of the structure and are monitored on a regular basis. Once active termites are found in the stations, a bait is introduced which will eliminate the colony.

Subterranean termites are extremely destructive. First they build tunnels to wooden structures, and then they burrow into those structures to obtain food. Any wood or cellulose-containing material constitutes termite food, and given time to do so, they'll eat until nothing is left but a shell. Termites avoid light and air, so they build their colonies where you're not likely to stumble upon them