Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Katy, Houston and Sugar Land, TX

Protecting Those Around You From Unwanted Pests and Bugs

Frontier Exterminating Company Inc. understands how important it is to protect the ones around you, whether they're your family or coworkers, at your home or business. Since 1983, our BBB certified pest control service has helped residential and commercial customers eliminate pest issues once and for all.



Usually guests come through the front door, but that's not the case for pests and bugs. Frontier Exterminating Company provides a wide range of residential pest control services to get rid of unwanted guests in your home. We have the latest equipment and technology and the best crew to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Our residential pest control services can control/eliminate the presence of:

• Roaches and spiders
• Fleas and ticks
Ants and termites
Bed bugs and silverfish
• Wasps & bees
Rodents and other pests

We provide our services through various treatment programs, including:

• Boundary and perimeter treatments
• Exterior perimeter treatments
• Interior treatments
• Education and preventive steps
• Insect growth regulators
• Crack and crevice pesticide placement

Getting rid of pests won't be a problem with Frontier Exterminating. We offer Monday through Saturday schedule times, no-contract maintenance and one-time service options for your convenience.



Our commercial clients can rely on similar services. Eliminating distractions should be a top priority at any business. If you can control anything affecting your business, you should take the right steps to do so.

That's why Frontier Exterminating Company has been the top choice for businesses throughout the area for many years. For our commercial clients, we provide:

•Pest-elimination and prevention programs
•Termite and rodent protection
•Services tailored to your type of business & its design

We've worked with health care facilities, food processing companies and so many other commercial clients. You can trust our business that has been working for 30+ years to get rid of the problem for you. For more info about any of our services, contact us at (281) 395-3900.