Give Those Ants Their Marching Orders

Give Those Ants Their Marching Orders

Hire our exterminators in Katy, Houston and Sugar Land, TX to resolve your ant issue

Ants can get inside your home either by foraging for food in your kitchen or building a nest in your walls or roof. Frontier Exterminating Company Inc. can make short work of any ant infestation you're dealing with, whether it involves pavement ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants or acrobat ants. We recommend you contact us right away, before these pests can get into your food or start gnawing away at your home's structure. We'll treat your home with pet- and child-friendly chemicals so you can say goodbye to ants for good.

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Don't let those bugs come back

Once Frontier Exterminating Company has treated your home, you can take steps to keep ants from returning. We recommend:

  • Minimizing the level of moisture in your home
  • Keeping your floor, pantry and countertops clean
  • Storing your food in airtight containers or bags
  • Sealing cracks and holes in your home
  • Cleaning your home regularly

As long as you follow these tips, odds are you won't have to deal with another infestation. Contact us ASAP to learn more about ant removal in Katy, Houston or Sugar Land, TX.