Subterranean Termites (viewed here) after picking up landscape pavers alongside the slab of a home in Katy, TX on February 17th, 2017.  With Houston’s unusually warm winter, even by Houston standards, we are already experiencing our first Termite swarms.  Around the Houston area we typically see “swarmers” (winged primary reproductives) in March and April on a warm sunny day following a day or two of rain.

It is not uncommon for Frontier Exterminating to receive phone calls from homeowners returning home and encountering 100’s of what appear to be winged ants in their home typically around windows.  The black “swarmers” as seen in the video are indicative of a mature subterranean termite colony of at least 2-4 years old.  If you experience this encounter this spring do not hesitate to give Frontier Exterminating a call.  Frontier Exterminating offers a free assessment to confirm the presence of Termites.

Texas A&M and their Entomology Department is a great resource for more information on Subterranean Termites: (